Bob Walker
Bob Walker

Moonwalker Associates, the firm recently launched by former Republican Congressman Bob Walker, wants to clean up outer space.

The former chair of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee and writer of the Trump campaign’s space policy, has signed Launchspace Technologies as a client.

Walker, 75, retired from Congress in 1997. He co-founded Wexler and Walker Public Policy Associates in 1981. Hill & Knowlton acquired the shop in 1990.

Based in Bethesda, Launchspace says it has a low-cost and technically feasible solution to the orbital debris problem in low Earth orbits and has its eye out for aerospace industry partners.

Since 1957, satellites and launch vehicles have created an ever-growing number of debris objects. Orbiting junk increases the possibility of collisions with spacecraft and threatens space-based communications.

Marshall Kaplan, Launchspace chief technology officer and co-founder, is a pioneer in space debris research and carried out the first study of space junk retrieval while a professor at Penn State.

Walker opened Moonwalker after WPP shuttered Wexler|Walker lobbying firm at the end of last year.