Abernathy MacGregor has inked a three-month contract worth $100K to support the US communications efforts of the Embassy of Spain.


The Havas Group unit is to identify and prioritize issues affecting the image of Spain in the US, according to its contract with the Spanish diplomats.

It will facilitate contacts between the Washington embassy and “key media platforms and communications groups,” monitor and establish an overall social media strategy and arrange formal/informal meetings between Spanish representatives and media, politicians and “prescriptors/influencers.”

The agreement is part of the Ministry of Affairs’ push to “foster the image of Spain in the world and to counteract the effects of so-called fake news.”

AbMac has a separate pact with London-based Overseas Solutions Ltd, on behalf of Spain.

That six-month agreement went into effect Feb. 1 and is pegged at $90K monthly.

In support of Spain’s strategic communications goals in the US, AbMac is to promote the strengths and guarantees of the country's democratic system.

It may get involved in detailed mapping of stakeholders (journalists, editors, opinion leaders, think tanks, jurists), meeting set-up, spokesperson training, and “immediate reaction to pressing needs for local action.”

"While we have been asked for a proposal by the Embassy, we had not yet finalized a written contract. We will be happy to engage in this project if finally awarded with it," reads a statement from AbMac. "We were in discussions about a project being led by a private entity, but the contract has been cancelled. We have already informed the registry so that the file can be updated."