Hill+Knowlton Strategies is building awareness of the "tremendous economic opportunities" available in the former Soviet republic of Georgia under an agreement worth $750K in fees.

The pact became effective April 3 and runs through the end of the year.

Georgia is a major producer of grapes, citrus fruits, hazelnuts, wine, gold, copper and manganese.

Its government, according to the CIA WorldFact Book is "pinning its hopes for faster growth on a continued effort to build up infrastructure, enhance support for entrepreneurship, simplify regulations, and improve professional education, in order to attract foreign investment and boost employment."

H+K will assist the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia with outreach to US lawmakers, businesses and selected groups as it works to attract investment and boost trade.

Outreach may include print, TV and digital advertising. Georgia has agreed to shell out $1.1M for paid media production and placement services.

The WPP unit will conduct opinion research, forge coalitions, organize roadshows, do media relations and reach out to state governments on behalf of its client.

Georgia signed a $600K PA/government relations contract with Chartwell Strategy Group in 2018.