Native ads will continue to overtake display as the dominant form of digital advertising in the U.S., accounting for $43.9 billion this year, an increase of more than $8.66 billion from 2018, according to a recent report by digital market research company eMarketer.

Altogether, sponsored content will account for nearly two-thirds of all digital display ad spending in the U.S. this year—or 62.7 percent—an uptick of 3.3 percent from 2018’s 59.4 percent and an increase of 8.5 percent from 2017’s 54.2 percent.

Native share of U.S. digital display ad spending, by segment, 2016-2020.

eMarketer expects native to account for 64.8 percent of the digital display ad market by the end of next year.

Almost all that additional spending will go to mobile placements, according to the report, which currently gets about 85 percent of all native display ad dollars in the U.S., and most native ads will appear on social media, where native will account for 95.6 percent of social digital display ad spends this year (a .9 percent increase from 2018’s 94.7 percent).

Facebook should get the lion’s share of those ad dollars, according to the eMarketer report.

Finally, eMarketer notes that the native ad market is also growing in the nonsocial world, and estimates that native will account for nearly a third—30.8 percent—of nonsocial display ad spends in 2019, up from 26.3 percent last year and 19.1 percent in 2017.