Michael Ranneberger
Michael Ranneberger

South Sudan has hired Gainful Solutions to a two-year $3.7M contract to open channels of communications between presidents Donald Trump and Salva Kiir and to encourage American investment in the country’s energy sector.

Gainful also will work to delay and ultimately block establishment of a court to pass judgment on those responsible for war crimes connected with the civil war that killed about 400,000 people and displaced another 4M. Only Syria and Afghanistan have more refugees than Sudan.

Its mission includes persuading "the Trump administration to open a military relationship with South Sudan in order to enhance the fight against terrorism and promote regional stability,” according to its contract.

Gainful’s Michael Ranneberger, a former deputy assistant secretary for African Affairs State Dept., is working the account.

He co-founded and was senior partner for government and global affairs at Green Road Energy, which focused on renewable power sources.