Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore

CRC Public Relations is providing media support for Stephen Moore, visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation and former Club for Growth president who is president Trump’s pick for a Federal Reserve Board seat.

Trump announced March 22 that he intends to nominate Moore after the White House completes its vetting process.

Moore has faced criticisms for his lack of qualifications for the job, unpaid federal taxes and commentaries in which he said women athletes shouldn’t be paid as much as men.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA), who sits on the Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee, slammed Moore in an April 12 letter.

“You have a long history of making wildly inaccurate claims about economic policy that appear to serve political ends—suggesting that you are unqualified and unsuited for the job for which you are expected to be nominated,” she wrote.

Keith Appell, CRC senior VP, told Politico his shop is circulating supportive statements from conservatives who think Moore would “bring a breath of fresh air to the Federal Reserve.”

CRC, most recently, backed helped Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.