Super Bowl

The number of commercial breaks on Fox’s broadcast of next February’s Super Bowl LIV will drop, but the length of each of those breaks is going up, according to a report on Deadline. While there will be five breaks per quarter—up from four in recent broadcasts—the net number of ads will not change. The shift, an attempt to speed up the pace of the game, is at least partly due a response to changing viewer habits. This year’s Super Bowl pulled in 98.2 million viewers, the lowest number in 11 years. The newly downsized Fox is expected to depend more on live events like the Super Bowl to maintain profitability. When the company is holds its annual upfront presentation to media buyers on May 13, Deadline reported, the NFL is expected to be a cornerstone of that pitch.

Lisa Granatstein
Lisa Granatstein

Lisa Granatstein and Stephanie Paterik are jointly taking over from Adweek editorial director Jim Cooper, who has been in the position since 2011. Cooper will become editor-at-large, assisting CEO Jeff Litvack with special projects as well as having the opportunity to pursue other opportunities outside of the company. Granatstein will head up event programming and the magazine, while Paterik will oversee editorial strategy and the operations of the newsroom. Granatstein started at Adweek in 2011 as the managing editor, before moving into the role of editor and VP of content and events. Paterik has been with Adweek since 2015, most recently serving as managing editor, a position in which she oversaw the integrating of the publication’s print and digital staffs. Both Granatstein and Paterik will report to Litvack.


Bill and Chelsea Clinton are getting into the podcasting game. “Why Am I Telling You This?,” co-produced by the Clinton Foundation and At Will Media, will feature conversations with President Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Clinton Foundation staff, partners and special guests. The series will cover issues related to the Foundation’s work such as the ongoing hurricane recovery needs in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the greater Caribbean region; how to combat climate change and the opioid crisis; and new ways to improve early childhood literacy. The series will also include conversations on global leadership and reflections on the Clinton Administration. The podcast, which is published without commercials and has no subscription fee, is currently available on Apple Podcasts, with other podcast platforms set to come on soon.