Charlene MacDonald
Charlene MacDonald

FTI Consulting’s government affairs unit is representing Pfizer on Capitol Hill on pharmaceutical drug pricing matters.

Pfizer is among drug companies caught up in a lawsuit filed by 44 states on May 10, alleging they conspired to jack up prices on generics by as much as 1,000 percent.

Filed in federal district court in Connecticut, the suit covers more than 100 cancer drugs, antibiotics, blood thinners, contraceptives and antidepressants.

Pfizer denies that its Greenstone generic unit did anything wrong. Greenstone “has been a reliable and trusted supplier of affordable generic medicines for decades and intends to vigorously defend against these claims,” it said in a statement.

FTI’s Charlene MacDonald, who was a senior policy adviser to House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, is handling the Pfizer push.