David Kyne
David Kyne

Evoke, healthcare, medical marketing and communications unit of Huntsworth, has acquired independent health PR specialist KYNE, the ten-year-old shop that registered $10.4M in fees on O'Dwyer's 2018 rankings of healthcare firms.

KYNE and Evoke's PR & Influence unit, which offers strategic communications, PA, investor relations and consumer marketing services, will join to form a new entity

David Kyne will head Evoke KYNE, reporting to Evoke CEO Reid Connolly.

Evoke PR & Influence president Maryellen Royle, KYNE EVP, GM Maureen Byrne and KYNE EVP Wendy Woods-Williams will serve as partners at Evoke KYNE.

“This acquisition is a wonderful event for both our clients and our teams,” Royle told O’Dwyer’s. “Our healthcare client base, in both the private and public sectors, will gain access to new talent, thinking and resources across a much broader geographic reach. And for our internal team, it offers fresh opportunities for them to leverage their unique communications expertise across a more diverse portfolio.”

Evoke reported $12M in PR fees on O'Dwyer's healthcare rankings list.