Chrysler Renault

Sard Verbinnen & Co. is handling US media duties for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ 50/50 merger offer to France’s Groupe Renault to create the world’s No. 3 automotive company, ahead of General Motors.

The combined entity would produce 8.7M vehicles annually and would be a leader in EV technologies, premium brands, SUVs, pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles, according to FCA.

FCA has a strong position in the high-margin end of the North American market and is a leader in Latin America, while Groupe Renault has a robust presence across Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

No plant shutdowns are envisioned.

Renault is carefully reviewing FCA’s “friendly proposal” and studying “with interest the opportunity of such a business combination.”

Sard Verbinnen’s Robert Rendine and Kelsey Markovich are working the FCA deal here.

Gelso Consulting (UK), Image 7 (France), Community Strategic Communications Advisers (Italy) and Ashton Consulting (Japan) are also handling the FCA proposal.