Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller

The odds that president Trump read the 448-page Mueller Report are pretty slim.

Adam Kennedy, White House deputy communications director, refused on NPR today to get into whether the president read Mueller’s document. He did say Trump followed the Russian meddling investigation very closely.

Though Trump is probably unaware of the contents of the Report, he maintains that it totally exonerates him from any wrongdoing. That’s fake news, Donald.

“Case closed,” the president tweeted after Mueller’s surprise public appearance on May 29.

Mueller emerged from the shadows to tell Americans that Russia launched a “concerted attack on our political system.” There were “multiple systematic efforts to interfere in our election.”

The now former special counsel deemed Russian meddling the “central allegation of our indictments” and “one that deserves the attention of every American.”

His message: Read my Report.

Unfortunately, the political focus on the Report for Democrats is impeachment and for Republicans is “Case closed. Time to move on.”

Trump, who has constantly referred to Russian meddling as a “hoax” concocted by Democrats angry that Hillary Clinton lost the election, reversed course today.

He tweeted: “Russia, Russia, Russia: That’s all you heard at the beginning of this Witch Hunt Hoax…And now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected.” Yikes! That’s a doozy of an admission.

Realizing that his flying Twitter fingers moved faster than his brain, Trump told reporters less than an hour after his tweet: “No, Russia did not help me get elected. I got me elected.”

Mueller has no plans to testify before Congress, saying the Report is his testimony. That’s a fair point.

But Mueller is the perfect pitchman for the Report.

Republican Congressman Justin Amash said this month that few of his colleagues have read the Report. After reading it, Amash concluded that Trump engaged in impeachable conduct.

Warner Wolf, the former Washington and New York local TV sports anchor made “Let’s Go to the Videotape!” his trademark phase. Warner would have loved videotape of Mueller spelling out the highlights of the Report before a Congressional committee.

Congress needs to make that happen. Nationally televised Congressional hearings featuring lawman Mueller would bring alive for millions of Americans the threat that Russia poses to our democracy.

They might even sway spineless Republicans in the Senate to screw up some courage and put country over political party by voting to impeach the president.

Mueller and his team worked for more than two years compiling the Report. He owes a follow-through to his investigators and to all of us.

His Congressional hearings would even inform president Trump of what is in the Report.