Political Ad

The Digital Advertising Alliance has announced the timeline for enforcement of its new transparency guidelines for political advertisers, including use of the “Political Ad” icon.

The new guidelines will become effective on Nov. 1, with enforcement of compliance beginning on Jan. 1, 2020. The independent enforcement program will be run by the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council of the Council of Better Business Bureaus and the Association of National Advertisers, which also are responsible for enforcement of the DAA’s YourAdChoices program, which was a model for the political advertising transparency initiative.

Under the guidelines, the Political Ad icon will appear in or around digital advertisements that expressly advocate the election or defeat of a candidate for federal office and in certain state-wide elections. Information available through the Political Ad icon is to include the political advertiser’s name, contact information, contribution or expenditure records (when applicable) and individual contacts.

“The advertising industry is committed to giving voters simple access to the information they need about express advocacy political ads,” said DAA Executive Director Lou Mastria. “The responsible digital advertising industry has a vested interest in making digital advertising more transparent, and the Political Ad Icon program redoubles our commitment to this critical goal.”

The DAA is an independent not-for-profit organization which establishes and enforces responsible privacy practices for relevant digital advertising. More information about its political advertising transparency initiative and guidelines for political advertisers can be found at www.AboutPoliticalAds.org.