A big chunk of America will be "scared" if Donald Trump wins re-election, according to a poll conducted by Fox News.

Thirty percent of respondents told that to Fox, while 20 percent are going to be "displeased."

The poll of 1,001 registered voters, which was conducted from June 9 to 12, found that 21 percent of voters would be "enthusiastic" about another four years of Trump and 15 percent "pleased."

The pollsters asked people if they thought that a person with low morals and standards could be a good leader. Sixty percent said "no," and 35 percent said "yes."

Voters believe they have little to show from Trump's major accomplishment, his tax cut. Forty percent said people with "more money" benefitted from the tax cut. Thirty-one percent said "everyone" gained financially from the tax cut.

Respondents give Trump a thumbs-down on his immigration policy. Half of them say he's gone too far on immigration, while 24 percent say he hasn't gone far enough.

More than seven-in-ten respondents (73 percent) believe that illegal immigrants who were brought to the US when they were under 30 should be allowed to remain here after a background check,

Fifty percent oppose Trump's Southern Wall, while 42 percent support it. Two-of-three respondents back more non-Trump Wall spending for border security.

On tariffs, 45 percent say they hurt the economy and 33 percent say they help it.

Half of respondents believe Team Trump coordinated with the Russians to get him elected. Forty-four say "nyet."

Forty-three percent say Trump should be impeached and removed from office. Fifty percent oppose impeachment. More than half (54 percent) of voters want Trump to cooperate more with Congressional investigators, compared to 11 percent who favor less cooperation. Twenty-eight percent say Trump's cooperation with his Democratic probers is "just about right."

The Fox News poll results should give Trump's re-election campaign plenty to chew over. While Team Trump fired three pollsters, including White House counselor Kellyanne Conway's former firm Polling Company, last week for leaking results of polling that showed the president trailing in key states to Democratic challengers, the president is unlikely to "fire" Fox News.

How would he fill his mornings without watching his buddies on "Fox & Friends?"