BerlinRosen is handling the sexual harassment and gender discrimination case filed by Karen Dunbar, a 26-year advertising veteran, against TracyLocke agency, which is part of Omnicom.

Filed June 20 in US District Court for the District of Connecticut, the suit alleges that Dunbar was demeaned, harassed and denied advancement opportunities during her three-year stint at TL due to its pervasive "good old boys" culture.

Dunbar said she and other women at the firm were subjected to inappropriate touching and groping by male superiors.

A top TL executive bemoaned America's "PC culture" and used an offensive term during a business meeting, according to the complaint.

Dunbar, who was hired as an associate creative director in TL's Wilton, Conn., office, said after seeking fair treatment for herself and fellow females and forming a TL forum for women, she was fired in retaliation.

The Time's Up Legal Fund is supporting Dunbar's case because it wants to end the "Mad Men" culture present in the advertising business.

"The increasing number of women entering the advertising space deserve a safe and equitable work environment and one that is not detrimental to their professional and financial growth," Sharyn Tejani, director of the Time's Up Legal Fund, said in a statement.

BerlinRosen represents the Fund.