Chris Cox
Chris Cox

Chris Cox, who was executive director of the National Rifle Association for 17 years before exiting the organization in June, has launched his own consulting firm, Capitol 6 Advisors.

Cox says that the new firm “will provide long-range strategic public policy and public affairs consulting, crisis management and brand positioning for companies and organizations with complex problems.”

The firm’s name refers to the military term “watch your six,” which means to keep aware of what’s going on outside your field of vision.

Cox resigned his post at the NRA after having been suspended by the organization because of charges that he participated in an attempt to oust the organization's chief executive, Wayne LaPierre. He has called those allegations “offensive and patently false.”

A statement on the firm’s website says that Capitol 6 will work with corporate clients, associations, candidates and nonprofits.

“I’ve built teams that could not be beaten in Washington,” Cox said in a Tweet announcing the launch. “Cap6 will be no different.”