The Fur Information Council of America is working with Democratic-leaning SKDKnickerbocker to fend off a ban on the sale of new fur garments and accessories in New York City.

Introduced by City Council president & potential mayoral candidate Corey Johnson, the measure would allow the sale of used fur garments and apparel repurposed from older clothing.

Johnson has called the new fur ban the "moral thing to do."

He faces spirited opposition from black pastors and the Hasidic community, which oppose the fur ban on cultural and religious grounds.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio worries about the measure's impact on the city's $400M annual fur business, which employs 1,100 people. NYC is the country's No. 1 fur market.

Los Angeles and San Francisco have passed fur bans. California is considering a statewide measure.

Josh Isay, SDKnick's managing partner and former chief of staff to Senator Chuck Schumer, and Kerri Lyon, managing director & New York PA president, told O'Dwyer's their firm is focused exclusively on the fur action in NYC.

Mark Penn's Stagwell Group owns SKDKnick.