Jennifer Baker, director of public affairs for the National Rifle Assn.’s Institute for Legislative Action lobbying wing and spokesperson for the gun group, has left the troubled organization.

Her departure is part of a reorganization of the PA function, according to the NRA. "The change consolidates and improves our communications, public affairs, and social media functions,” it said in a statement. “All these operations now operate under one department, eliminating a parallel function in NRA-ILA. We are excited about the change and the benefits it brings to the organization and its members.”

The exit of Baker, who was with the NRA for the past six years, comes on the heels of the June departure of Chris Cox.

The 17-year NRA veteran resigned as executive director after being suspended by the organization on charges that he participated in an attempt to oust the organization's chief executive, Wayne LaPierre.

Cox, who launched his own consulting firm, Capitol 6 Advisors, this month, dismissed those allegations as “offensive and patently false.”

As part of Cox’s “inner circle,” Baker played a big part in the NRA’s 2016 offensive against Hillary Clinton and drive to elect Donald Trump as president, according to Politico. Their departures deal a setback to the NRA’s 2020 presidential campaign push.

Jason Ouimet, ex-federal affairs head at the NRA, has succeeded Cox on an interim basis.