Carlos Ghosn
Carlos Ghosn

BGR Government Affairs is “providing guidance and assisting” Carlos Ghosn, the former head of Nissan, who was arrested in Tokyo in November for allegedly under-reporting millions of dollars of income at Nissan and using company funds for personal expenses.

Ghosn categorically denies those charges.

The 65-year-old auto-titan, who was arrested after getting off a private jet in Tokyo, served more than 100 days in the slammer and is currently out on bail.

He filed a breach of contract against Nissan and joint venture partner Mitsubishi Motors in the Netherlands on July 17, alleging that he was unjustly terminated and seeking $13.4M in damages.

Ghosn's contract was with the Holland-headquartered subsidiary of the Japanese companies.

BGR’s Haley Barbour, former Mississippi Governor and Republican National Committee chairman, and Lanny Griffith, a key player in the Bush I White House, are helping Ghosn resolve his international legal issues.