The United Arab Emirates has enlisted Glover Park Group for a three-month research into American public attitudes as it rethinks its close ties with the Trump administration.


Once a staunch US ally in the Middle East, the UAE is now distancing itself from the White House's bellicose stance toward Iran.

The Washington Post reported Aug. 11 that in the aftermath of the US decision to beef up its naval capacity in the Persian Gulf to counter Iran, the UAE sent a delegation to Tehran to discuss maritime security.

The UAE also is drawing down its forces in Yemen, where they fought with Saudi Arabia against Iranian-backed forces.

GPG will conduct in-person focus groups and nationwide quantitative research regarding US public opinion.

Representatives of the WPP unit must be available to meet with officials from the UAE embassy on a regular basis, according to its letter of agreement with Shaima Gargash, deputy head of mission.

The $80K project runs through Sept. 30.