Michael Esposito
Michael Esposito

Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications gear maker and suspected spying tool of the Chinese government, has hired Federal Advocates Inc., a top Republican firm, for DC representation.

The Commerce Dept. in May slapped sanctions on Huawei that bar it from purchasing American telecom components.

The Wall Street Journal published a blockbuster on Aug. 14, reporting that Huawei equipment, which is dominant in Africa, is used by African leaders to spy on political opponents.

FAI founder/CEO Michael Esposito leads the push for Huawei. His mission is to handle telecommunications issues before the Trump administration.

He’s a member of the Republican National Committee chairman’s advisory board, where he advises chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, and serves on the Trump Victory Finance Committee.

FAI made a splash in February in hiring Jennifer Arangio, who was senior director of the National Security Council, as VP.

At that time, she was the highest-ranking female former Trump official to join a K Street firm.

Politico reported that Arangio was ousted from the NSC in July 2018 for skirmishing with top White House aide Stephen Miller.