Stephanie GrishamStephanie Grisham

Stephanie Grisham, White House press secretary since July 1, emerged from the shadows on the evening of Aug. 14 to tell the DC press corps, which represents the American people, that it can forget about WH press briefings.

Appearing on Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which wants to give Fox News a run for its money as the go-to network for conservatives, Grisham basically talked herself out of her job. Donald Trump is “his press spokesperson,” she said.

That begs the question: What in the world does Grisham do?

“I’m getting up to speed on policy,” she told Sinclair’s Eric Bolling. “There’s a lot of work done behind the scenes. It’s not all about a press briefing.”

But some of it should be.

Grisham called Trump “the most accessible president in modern history.” She apparently feels reporters should be thanking their lucky stars for the opportunity for “press gaggles” with Trump, where “no question goes unanswered.”

That’s bunk.

Grisham deserves a special Pinocchio Award from the Washington Post fact-checkers for her “no question goes unanswered” whooper.

The Sinclair interview was Grisham’s first since becoming White House press secretary and communications director.

Her absence from the media scene makes one pine for the good old days when Sarah Huckabee Sanders presided over the press corps and Anthony Scaramucci/Hope Hicks called the shots as communications directors.

At the very least, Sanders and The Mooch/Hicks were visible.

Since Grisham doesn’t have to prepare and conduct press briefings, she obviously has some free time on her hands.

There’s a great, albeit seasonal, opportunity for Grisham, who was press secretary for Melania Trump before assuming her current vaguely defined job working for The Donald.

The First Lady is looking for volunteers to decorate the White House for the upcoming Christmas season. Volunteers are also needed to serve as holiday open house greeters. The White House on Aug. 12 posted an application form on its website.

Go for it, Stephanie. Time though is running short. Applications are due Aug. 27.

If you take the decorator job, please do the country a favor. Please persuade Melania to ditch the red Christmas trees that had many of last year’s White House visitors thinking they were on the set of "The Handmaid’s Tale."