Christopher Harvin
Christopher Harvin

Sanitas International has a $750K one-year contract to promote foreign direct investment in South Sudan, a nation that is trying to rebound from a five-year civil war that killed 400K people and displaced millions.

Hired by Gainful Solutions of Washington, Sanitas will highlight South Sudan's bid to form a government of national unity and fulfill its obligations under the peace agreement that ended the conflict.

"Our team will immediately focus efforts aimed at building and strengthening the democratic process in country; strengthening the working relationship between the United States and the Government of South Sudan to ensure peace, reconciliation and improve regional security; and to promote foreign direct investment and economic opportunities between U.S. audiences and the South Sudanese," wrote Christopher Harvin, co-founder of Sanitas, in his letter of agreement with Gainful Solutions.

Harvin worked as advance representative for George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush during their eight years in the White House and advance lead during the Trump presidential campaign.

Earlier, he was VP in Levick's international practice.