President T

President Trump skipped the G7 meeting on the climate crisis today in lieu of a closing press conference at which he declared himself an environmentalist and pitched his Miami golf club as the site of the 2020 economic summit.

It’s just as well. He would have made a mess of the environmental session.

The meeting focused on the horrific fires in the Amazon rainforest, an inferno blamed largely on the global warming-denying policies of Brazil’s right-wing leader Jair Bolsonaro, an ally of our president.

As the G6 leaders pledged $20M to fight the fires and worked to forge a strategy to deal with Bolsonaro, Trump praised the "tremendous wealth” of the US and then pledged “not to lose that wealth on dreams, on windmills.”

Like Don Quixote, the president is fixated on windmills.

He’s certainly no fan of the turbines used at wind energy farms, suspecting them of causing cancer.

His Administration, which supports development of coal, has delayed the permitting process for Vineyard Wind, which wants to build the nation’s largest offshore wind energy installation off the coast of Massachusetts.

Despite that aversion to renewable energy, America’s brander-in-chief today branded himself a friend of the environment. “I’m an environmentalist," he said. “People don’t understand that.”

He sure got that bit of not understanding right.

Trump is the guy who yanked the US out of the Paris climate accord, gutted environmental regulations put into place by the Obama administration, staffed the Interior Dept. with hacks and de-emphasized science at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Moving on to Topic No. 2: The president all but announced that his Miami golf club is going to host the G7 in 2020, the year that the US is scheduled the host the shindig.

He said his team is considering a dozen sites, but the Trump National Doral Miami looks especially sweet due to its “magnificent buildings,” “incredible” conference rooms and restaurants and “ballrooms that are among the biggest in Florida.”

The Doral also has plenty of parking spaces and is close to Miami International Airport in case wise guys like French president Emmanuel Macron want to make a quick exit.

Is anybody going to deny Trump the opportunity to play host of the G7 at his own property? Are you kidding?

If he’s still president next August, you can bet G7 will be at the Doral and look for the president to spice things up by inviting his dear friend Vladimir Putin to the festivities as his honored guest.

Trump’s pitch to restore Russia to the G7 fell on deaf ears in Biarritz because the world leaders objected to Putin’s heist of Crimea from Ukraine.

“I think it would be better to have Russia inside the tent than outside the tent,” Trump said today. “I do nothing for politics. I do what’s right, and people like what I do.”

Besides the G6 officials, there are a lot of people of who don’t like what Trump is doing. That includes the 62 percent of Americans who disapprove of his performance in office, according to the AP-NORC PA Research poll released Aug. 21.