News Corp is in the planning stages for a news-aggregation service to compete with Google News, Facebook and other digital platforms, according to a report in its Wall Street Journal property., as the proposed website and mobile app are expected to be called, would link readers directly to the sites of the publishers whose content is featured, with News Corp taking none of the ad revenue generated by that content.

Publishers featured on the platform are to include the Journal, as well as the New York Times, Washington Post and NBC News.

Also included would be a range of smaller outlets that News Corp says are often pushed down in Google’s search results and Facebook’s social feed.

While those smaller outlets include such conservative platforms as the Washington Free Beacon and Washington Examiner, progressive sites such as ThinkProgress and Daily Kos will also be part of the mix.

Knewz will likely use a combination of software and human curators to select the content that will appear. News Corp says the launch of Knewz is not a certainty, but the company adds that an official launch could come as soon as later this year.