Stephanie Grisham
Stephanie Grisham

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham may be laying low these days, but she’s got potential to be enshrined in the Trump administration’s Communications Hall of Shame.

Grisham appears ready to give counselor Kellyanne Conway, who was elected to the Hall of Shame on the first ballot, a run for her money.

Conway quickly made her mark on the DC communications scene when she famously spun then-press secretary Sean Spicer’s whopper about the size of the crowd who attended Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration.

The crowd-sized obsessed Twitter-in-Chief ordered Spicer to the podium to say that Trump drew “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.” That statement stretched reality beyond the max.

Conway hit it out of the park by telling Chuck Todd a day after Spicer’s laughable whopper that the hapless press secretary was presenting “alternative facts.”

When challenged by the “Meet the Press” host, Conway said Todd's job was “not to call things ridiculous that are said by our press secretary and our president….. That’s why we feel compelled to go out and clear the air and put alternative facts out there.”

Bingo. She’s been dishing out heaping plates of alternative facts (e.g., lies) ever since.

Compared to Conway, media-shy Grisham, who took the White House job in late June, is a slow starter.

Washington Post style reporter Paul Farhi reported Aug. 28 that during the two hours that he spent interviewing Grisham at a DC restaurant two blocks from the White House, not a single person approached the table to chat or argue. “No one, it seems, knew who she was,” he wrote.

Despite that anonymity, Grisham reached for the rarified atmosphere enjoyed by Conway’s “alternative facts” nonsense when she told Farhi the president never lies.

Apparently, Grisham doesn’t view as lies Trump’s 12,019 false or misleading statements documented by WaPo’s Fact Checker.

She told Farhi: “I think the president communicates in a way that some people, especially the media, aren’t necessarily comfortable with. A lot of times, they take him so literally. I know people will roll their eyes if I say he was just kidding or was speaking in hypotheticals, but sometimes he is. What I’ve learned about him is that he loves this country and he’s not going to lie to this country.”

My hunch: you bet the media aren't comfortable dealing with the lies, distortions, exaggerations and false statements that flow from the mouth of the president.

The press secretary apparently believes the media and Americans aren’t supposed to believe that the president means what he says and says what he means.

Conway must be very, very proud of Grisham. She’s got a bright future in the Trump White House.