The Washington Post is putting out the last edition of Express, its free commuter paper, Sept. 12. Express has been published by the Post since 2003. The Post says that the growth of WiFi in Washington’s Metro system means that more readers are consuming the paper’s content digitally, via such products as its mobile site, apps, newsletters and podcasts. The Post plans to offer Express readers a 60-day, free trial for unlimited digital access to the Washington Post.

Bernie Shapchat

Snapchat is launching a news channel that will focus on the 2020 presidential debates, according to Axios. The curated "Democratic Primary Debate Channel" will kick off with live coverage of the debate in Houston Sept. 12. The channel will exist as a pop-up around each debate leading up to the election. The company began testing the idea during July's Democratic debates. Axios says that the channel will live within Snapchat's content arm, Discover, and will feature updates from the candidates that are on Snapchat, plus coverage of the primaries from vetted news providers and some vetted user content. All of the 10 candidates that qualified for the Houston debate have Snapchat accounts.

Think Progress

The relaunching of progressive news site Think Progress as a “hub for expert analysis and commentary” has at least temporarily been called off, according to a report on The Wrap. The Center for American Progress, the independent nonpartisan policy institute which operates the site, had put it up for sale in July. However, the lack of a prospective buyer for the site led to the announcement of its closure on Sept. 6, putting its remaining reporters out of work. On Sept. 9, CAP announced that the site would come back to life as a source for “analysis of the news, policy, and politics,” but without original reporting. That announcement led to a backlash from the Writers Guild of America, East, which represents ThinkProgress writers. The WGA called the new plan “an affront to the ThinkProgress mission” and said that its members were exploring legal options. In response, CAP announced that there would be “no further posting” to the site.