Emmanuel Tchividijian
Emmanuel Tchividijian

Emmanuel Tchividijian, who was senior VP/chief ethics officer at Ruder Finn in a 20-year stint, has established The Markus Gabriel Group as an ethics consulting shop.

He will advise PR/ad agencies, companies, NGOs and nonprofits on developing risk assessment analyses, drafting ethics guidelines/codes, providing crisis counsel and assisting in hiring decisions.

Tchividjian, who exited RF in 2017, also consulted the Swiss federal department of foreign affairs on its Switzerland-Second World War II task force, directed programs/member services for the New England-Israel Chamber of Commerce and served as president of Keshet International, which helped small/medium size European companies enter the US market.

He is past president and current ethics officer of PRSA/New York and a member of The Ethics and Compliance Initiative.

Tchividijian can be reached at 646/209-0711and at [email protected]