Kathy Bloomgarden
Kathy Bloomgarden

Ruder Finn has acquired SPI Group, the Jersey-based shop that ranked No. 17 in O’Dwyer’s 2018 healthcare rankings with fees of $5M.

Launched in 1997, SPI provides internal communications services to clients such as Bayer, Novo Nordisk, Merck, Regeneron, Pfizer and Novartis.

RF CEO Kathy Bloomgarden considers employees the driving force behind productivity, growth and innovation in today’s fast-paced corporate world.

“Companies must no longer view their workforce as ‘employees’ but instead treat them as highly valuable customers,” said Bloomgarden. “SPI Group uses digital solutions to create experiences that not only engage and activate employees but build an authentic, transparent and highly motivated community.”

Steve Goodman launched SPI in 1997. The firm’s 30-members bolsters RF healthcare unit to about 250 staffers.

RF ranked as O’Dwyer’s No. 7 independent PR firm, registering overall fees of $69.1M during the past year.