Marcia Hale
Marcia Hale

Japan has hired Hale Strategies to monitor and gather political intelligence about the US 2020 elections.

The eight-month contract calls for Marcia Hale to aggregate and analyze publicly available information and documents.

She will then brief Japan’s embassy’s staff about the content of the material and provide insights into political trends and developments.

Hale formed her Washington shop after a ten-year stint as president/chair of Building America’s Future, a bipartisan infrastructure coalition founded by former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell and New York mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Earlier, she handled public affairs for Monsanto, served as managing director at McKenna Long & Aldridge and worked as director of intergovernmental affairs in Bill Clinton’s White House.

Hale Strategies operates out of the DC office of Fratelli Group. Hale reports to Yoshitaka Kitamura, Japan’s counselor for congressional affairs.