Global Citizen

Teneo has teamed with Global Citizen to plan a 10-hour global media event slated for Sept. 26, 2020, to raise money to end extreme poverty and put the world on track to tackle climate change.

Billed as the largest live-broadcast cause event in history, "Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream" will mobilize citizens, companies, governments, philanthropists and artists in a bid to raise commitments to secure the additional $350B annually needed to reach the United Nations' sustainable development goals in the world's 59 poorest countries.

Teneo and Global Citizen plan a press conference in New York on Sept. 26, 2019, to provide details of Global Goal Live.

They will name the corporate leaders, governments, artists and entertainers who have signed on to support the year-long initiative leading up to the event that will span five continents.

Global Goal Live will take place 35 years after the Live Aid concerts that were organized by Irish singer/activist Bob Geldorf.

More than 170K people attended Live Aid concerts at London's Wembley Stadium and Philadelphia's John F. Kennedy Stadium. People in more than 150 countries also watched the performances.

Live Aid raised more than $200M for famine relief in Ethiopia.

New York-based Teneo, which bills itself as a global CEO advisory, was founded by Doug Band, who was President Clinton’s chief counsel, and Declan Kelly, ex-Financial Dynamics CEO and economic envoy for Northern Ireland for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.