Tony Sayegh
Tony Sayegh

Tony Sayegh, spokesperson for Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who joined Teneo last month as managing director, is expected to return to the Trump administration to handle communications surrounding impeachment.

He will be responsible for communications strategy, messaging and recruit surrogates to support the president.

A White House administration official told Politico that Sayegh's hiring is a "done deal." A possible hurdle to Sayegh's return to DC: Trump's unwillingness to delegate impeachment communications duties

As assistant secretary of the Treasury, Sayegh handled communications in support of Trump's tax cut. He also worked closely with Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, on the childcare tax credit.

Prior to joining the Treasury, Sayegh was executive VP at Jamestown Assocs, a political consulting and advertising shop that placed ads for the Trump election campaign.

He also was a Fox News contributor.