James DavisJames Davis

James Davis, who formerly ran a communications agency backed by billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch, has launched a new advisory firm, Touchdown Strategies, LLC.

The new venture specializes in communications and marketing with a focus on public affairs, crisis management, investor relations and “other business-critical areas.”

Davis was formerly president of In Pursuit Of, the PR firm launched in late 2016 by Koch’s anchor advocacy network, Freedom Partners. (Davis previously served as Freedom Partners’ executive VP of marketing and communications.) In Pursuit Of merged with Koch’s anti-poverty group Stand Together to form a new umbrella group that was launched earlier this year.

Before joining Freedom Partners, Davis was chief spokesman and communications director for the 2012 Republican National Convention. Earlier in this career, he served as an associate at M&A PR giant Brunswick Group.

Davis told O’Dwyer’s that his passion surrounding entrepreneurship was formed at an early age, when his mother—“a single mom of two and a high school drop-out”—took a leap of faith and purchased the gas station where she was employed.

“Watching that as a child helps you form certain beliefs about the world, about the extraordinary potential in people and about yourself,” Davis told O’Dwyer’s. “That move changed the trajectory of our family and it's set a tremendous foundation to build on.”

“Business plays an important role in driving society forward. If you’re a business leader, we want to help you meet the challenges of a complex political and cultural landscape to deliver superior value to your customers, investors, employees and the communities that depend on you,” Davis said.

Davis continues to serve on the board of directors for Koch’s conservative think tank, Americans for Prosperity.