Daniel VAjdich
Daniel Vajdich

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia has reached out to DC-based Yorktown Solutions to promote US/Serbian economic relations.

The one-year effort, which runs to Nov. 8, 2020, is worth $600K for issues management, government affairs and outreach to US officials and private sector organizations.

Yorktown Solutions will arrange roadshows, conferences, speaking engagements, interviews and other promotional events/platforms in Washington, New York, Chicago and San Francisco for member companies of the Chamber, according to its consulting agreement.

The Chamber is organized as an independent, non-profit entity, though it cooperates with the Serbian National Assembly and relevant public administration agencies regarding the country’s economic development.

Daniel Vajdich, president of Yorktown Solutions, was a staffer focused on Europe and Eurasia on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

He also served as national security advisor to the presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz.

US/Serbia relations are strained over a Russian arms deal. Serbia has agreed to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, a deal that could trigger US sanctions against Belgrade.

Reuters reported that Serbian president Aleksander Vucic told his nation not to fear broad sanctions, because the US imposes them “against a company or an individual, not against an entire nation.”