Mark Penn
Mark Penn

Donald Trump may have trashed "Crooked Hillary" throughout his presidential campaign but that didn't stop him from reaching out to her media guru, Mark Penn, for a Nov. 18 chat at the White House. Has he no shame?

The MDC Partners chairman, who also counseled Bill Clinton, spent an hour with the president and discussed how he handled the impeachment of his client.

The Washington Post reported that Penn advised Trump to travel around the country like Clinton did to fight impeachment, while focusing on governing.

That's hardly groundbreaking stuff. But one out of two isn't bad.

Since the beginning of his presidency, Trump has been holding rallies before adoring fans, dishing out various Deep State conspiracy theories designed to undo the 2016 Electoral College results. As for governing, policy wonk Clinton thrived on it. As for Trump, forget about it.

Penn told the Post that he's neither counseling nor advising Trump. That's a good thing because Trump isn't a guy who is big on consultants.

Media mogul and presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg says he knows how to beat Donald Trump.

He has a secret weapon. Tim O'Brien, who is taking a leave of absence from the executive editor slot at Bloomberg Opinion, knows how to get under Trump's skin.

Trump launched a $5B lawsuit against O'Brien for writing in his 2005 book, "TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald," that he was worth around $250M, a devastating blow to Trump's billionaire public image.

The suit was finally dismissed in 2011.

Trump ridiculed O'Brien as a "whack job, a total nut job and one of the sleaziest people I've ever done business with."

O'Brien may get the ultimate revenge.

If Bloomberg is looking for another guy who knows how to needle the president, he should give comedian Bill Maher a call.

He was sued after offering a $5M donation to charity if Trump could prove that he wasn't the son of an orangutan. That suit was dismissed in 2013.

God calls on Sarah Sanders. Life is good for the former White House press secretary since she left Washington and returned home to Arkansas.

Speaking at the Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner in Hot Springs on Nov. 19, she said: "I'm just excited to have people clap when I come up to a podium. It's very different from what I'm used to. All I can say thank God I'm back in Arkansas."

Though the DC press is also happy that it doesn’t have to deal with Sanders' lies and distortions, her replacement Stephanie Grisham is hardly a bargain.

Sanders has her eye on a bigger prize. She's angling for her dad's old job in 2023 after Governor Asa Hutchinson's term is up.

"There are two types of people who run for office," she said. "People that are called and people that just want to be a senator or governor. "I feel like I've been called."

God help the good people of The Natural State.