Scott Stringer
Scott Stringer

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer is “deeply disturbed” by the New York Times/ProPublica report that McKinsey & Co. “proposed cuts to food and medical care, as well as accelerated deportation, in the name of reducing costs at ICE,” according to his Dec. 4 statement.

He called for NYC “to reconsider any future relationships with McKinsey and ensure that any contracted work is aligned with our values.”

McKinsey has trashed the article for fundamentally misrepresenting its work. “It disregards the facts that we provided before publication and misleads readers about both the substance and goals of our work,” said McKinsey in its own Dec. 4 statement.

The management consultant said it offered “extensive on-the-record comments in response to more than a dozen questions.” It criticized the piece for containing “only the barest” of its statements and for ignoring many of the factual points that we presented.”

The firm maintains that it did not recommend reducing the quality of food or healthcare for detainees.

It said it’s also untrue that “it was deeply involved in executing policies fundamental to the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown.”

McKinsey noted that it was hired by the Obama administration, which established the scope and goals of its work.

The New York-based consultant is committed to supporting America’s legacy of welcoming immigrants, according to its statement. “We believe that our firm, the US and the global economy are strengthened by the mobility of diverse talent."