Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer

Former California Senator Barbara Boxer has joined Omnicom's Mercury public affairs unit in Los Angeles as co-chair.

The 79-year-old Democrat served two-terms in the Senate (1993-2017) and five terms in the House (1983-1993). Senator Kamala Harris succeeded Boxer.

In Congress, Boxer was a strong advocate for women's equality, healthcare, transportation, environmental protection and combating global warming

She chaired the Senate's environment and public works committee and vice-chaired the Senate's select committee on ethics.

Kieran Mahoney, Mercury CEO, said Boxer earned respect from both her Democratic and Republican colleagues and "was a model for female leadership in the political sphere.”

Boxer is Mercury's first female co-chair.

She will offer strategic counsel on issues and the legislative process to staffers in Mercury's 22-office network.