Juan Orlando Hernandez
Juan Orlando Hernandez

BGR Government Affairs is working on a $60K per-month effort to provide strategic communications services to Honduras, which has been rocked by corruption.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez on Jan. 16 ended an anti-graft panel, Fight Against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras, that was created by the Organization of American States.

While the OAS bashed that move, Hernandez wrote on Twitter that his government will “continue to fight against corruption and for transparency.”

He became president two years ago in an election that the OAS claimed was rigged. A US jury found his brother, Juan Antonio Hernandez, guilty of conspiring to import cocaine, illegal weapon possession and lying to US officials.

BGR's contract is to provide PR and government relations services "to support and advance the interests of the people and government of Honduras.” It began Jan. 7 and runs through Dec. 17. VP Jo Maney and senior advisor Hunter Strupp work the business.

The Trump administration and Honduras signed an agreement in September to block asylum-seekers traveling through Central America from entering the US.

Mexico on Jan. 21 began flying and busing hundreds of migrants back to Honduras. They were part of a caravan that left Honduras earlier this month.