Tom Jones
Tom Jones

Finn Partners today unveiled the Finn wellness collaborative to join leaders in its consumer, health and travel & lifestyle practices across regions to increase the independent firm's share of the $4.5T wellness category.

CEO Peter Finn notes that wellness is no longer a promotional fad as consumers drive healthy choice demand that includes emotional well-being, food, sport, technology and travel.

He said the collaborative is "a focal point for helping leading brands facilitate a better, healthier world."

Finn's teams have generated more than $60M in wellness fees.

“A key focus of the wellness collaborative is guiding brands in identifying the experiences that matter most to consumers throughout their wellness journeys, from achieving optimal health and aging gracefully, to bolstering their vitality and vigor for a productive life,” Tom Jones, senior partner, global health practice, told O'Dwyers.

The collaborative comes as Finn, exclusive sponsor of the Global Wellness Summit's Trends Report, readies the Jan. 28 release of "The Future of Wellness 2020" study.

The report has input from 550 medical & wellness professionals, academics and economists and will identify trends charting the future of the $4.5T market.

Finn is also planning the 2020 Global Wellness Summit slated for November in Tel Aviv.