Facebook in January retained several lobbying groups as U.S. regulators explore freeing up airspace in the 6 Gigahertz band.


Tech companies in recent months have been pushing the FCC to allocate spectrum in the 6 GHz band to Wi-Fi and other different types of unlicensed uses, which would allow device makers and service providers to move forward with products that operate in the 6 GHz space.

Wireless carriers, on the other hand—specifically, AT&T—have expressed concerns that allowing too much of this band for unlicensed use could interfere with public safety and critical infrastructure services operating in this spectrum.

Facebook in January hired consulting firm Salt Point Strategies for lobbying issues related to 6 GHz, according to lobbying documents filed with Congress. The same month, the social media network also retained government affairs consulting firm Alpine Group for spectrum issues.

Salt Point Strategies is led David Redl, an administrator at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration who was formerly assistant secretary for communications and information at the United States Department of Commerce as well as and chief counsel to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

A two-person team at Alpine Group handles the Facebook account: Ansley ​Erdel, who was formerly legislative assistant to Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA); and Jared ​Weaver, who was ​deputy chief of staff to Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA).

Facebook last year spent $16.7 million in lobbying expenditures.