Coyne Public Relations picks up Evolve BioSystems, a company dedicated to researching solutions to establish, restore and maintain a healthy gut microbiome in babies. Coyne will work to develop a communications strategy aimed at raising awareness among healthcare professionals and new mothers of Evolve’s most recent product, Evivo. The company says is Evivo is the first probiotic clinically proven to restore the infant gut microbiome. A collaboration between Coyne’s consumer and healthcare teams aims to put a unique twist on communicating the science of the infant gut microbiome. This messaging is intended to both connect with parents and provide an understanding of the product’s immediate and long-term impact on newborn health.


Trevelino/Keller scoops up Oversight, an AI-powered audit and risk management platform for enterprise and government organizations. The agency is tasked with driving the brand’s reputation as the leading provider of spend management solutions, employing a fully integrated strategy that includes public relations, digital marketing and expanded messaging. . “Trevelino/Keller will serve to build our reputation as a thought leader in the space and continue to educate leadership and operations teams on the need to better identify financial risks across their enterprise,” said Oversight CEO Terrence McCrossan.


Jenerate PR lands Maui Humane Society’s “Give Them a Home of Their Own” campaign. Jenerate will lead publicity and communication strategies for the campaign, which has the objective of increasing the number of pet-friendly rentals available on Maui, as well as reducing the number of pets that are surrendered due to lack of available housing. The agency will employ a strategy designed to start a dialogue with landlords about making pet-friendly housing more available. It will also aim to educate renters with pets on how to be responsible tenants. The “Give Them a Home of Their Own” campaign is being funded by a donation from Nuestro Futuro Foundation, whose mission is to provide funds for educational projects island-wide.