Mark Zuckerberg wants for crisis help. Facebook is looking for a strategic response manager with experience in using social media platforms as a rapid response tactic, according to its ad on

ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg

The person has strong ties with media and influencers and a knack for devising strategy to deal with challenges and time-sensitive issues. The ideal candidate is highly organized, energetic and detail oriented.

Experience working on a corporate communications team, at a PA shop, political campaign and/or as a journalist is a plus.

The candidate could be based in Menlo Park, San Francisco, Washington or New York.

Zuckerberg probably wants the person in place as the presidential campaign heats up. Fluency in the Russian language couldn't hurt the candidate's chance to get the gig.

The Democratic nomination of Bernie Sanders for president would be the gift that keeps on giving to Donald Trump and Republicans.

The president already tried to shift blame for Wall Street’s panic from his reactive response to the coronavirus outbreak to the wild and woolly Feb. 25 Democratic debate at which Bernie and his expansive wish list of social programs served as a punching bag for all on stage.

The tweeter-in-chief would have a field day, portraying Democratic Socialist Sanders, who famously honeymooned in Moscow and is a BFF of the Cuban Revolution, as the second coming of Karl Marx.

A Sanders run also puts continued Democratic control of the House in jeopardy, according to a survey by New York PA firm Global Strategy Group.

GSG found that a presidential ticket headed by Sanders puts more than 40 Democratic seats in swing districts up for grabs and the potential exit of Nancy Pelosi from the Speaker’s chair.

Funded by Mike Bloomberg’s campaign, the poll reports that Trump and Sanders are currently neck and neck in those districts. However, Trump opens a six-point bulge after respondents were asked about whether they support Bernie’s Medicare for All, the Green New Deal and free college tuition schemes.

My Congressman, Max Rose, flipped what was New York City’s only Republican Congressional distrct to the Democratic column in 2018.

The Staten Island/South Brooklyn representative was the first Congressman to endorse Bloomberg for president. He praised Bloomberg as “even keeled and a visionary.”

Bernie is the epitome of “uneven keeled.”

A timely report from Ruder Finn and Consumer Research Group shows the luxury market in China, Ground Zero of coronavirus, is under siege.

The economic slowdown and ongoing trade friction had already reduced the appetite for luxury goods in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Compared to 2019, the proportion of consumers planning to spend less during 2020 is higher in almost every category except beauty & cosmetics in Mainland China, according to the survey. Those downer categories include autos, watches, handbags and watches.

The outbreak of coronavirus in January then delivered “an even greater blow” to retail sales, domestic consumption and consumer confidence, creating additional challenges for the luxury market in 2020.