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CEO Yury Mosha, who is launching a new project called e-PR, discusses the ins-and-outs of the platform, and his insight on the future of PR:

Yury, first and foremost, what is your newest project?

Our newest project is something that we have been working on for six months now and will be live in the spring of 2020. It is called e-PR.

Yury Mosha
Yury Mosha

What exactly is e-PR?

e-PR is an online platform which includes a variety of media sites. With these publications, clients that are interested in advertising can decide on a budget, starting from a hundred dollars to the high thousands. From there on, they can choose publications that meet their requirements depending on factors such as location, budget, topic, etc. For example, if a client has $5,000 to spend and wants to be published in an Automobile publication, they will be able to choose a media outlet which matches that criteria. If they need to be published in Forbes and New York Times, then we will do that for them.There are sites which are not very expensive, for example local news sites. We are interested in the client’s interests, whether that be artistic sites, health sites, women’s site, etc. We are going to give them exactly what they are looking for.

When did you decide to start this project?

We decided to get into the PR business because we attempted to use a similar service for my other business, VtoroiPasport, in an attempt to have content written about us online to extend our audience and clientele. We realized that a genuinely good service for online PR did not yet exist. There was no resource that was truly helpful for clients that are interested in such PR publications. With this knowledge, we decided to build our own business which has nothing to do with my current one. As the saying goes, if you want something right, do it yourself.

What various services does your company provide?

We are media encyclopedia essentially, which plans on containing websites from all regions of the world. The best feature of our site is that we work quickly and for a low cost. The client sees the price which the media gives, since we make our income from discounts, not from adding on additional fees. Since the client only works with us, they do not need to spend time contacting various media members to try and get their content out there. You pay one fee and choose however many media outlets you would like, leaving the details to us. We will control the release and make sure it gets published. If you do not have content written, we can write it for you, as we have a large base of talented copywriters. Upon browsing various media, the client will be able to see their demographics, their Google ranking, and other various factors that are important to know. We put this all in one place, making it a very smooth and easy process. This is needed for those who are interested in furthering either their personal or corporate brand.

How will this be beneficial for news sites?

The news sites will be receiving new clients, which is something that is essential for their business.

How many news sites are you planning to have featured on the platform?

We plan on featuring all of the sites that are possible. We believe that the more, the better. I personally am aiming to have thousands and thousands of various options available for our clients. Each media platform will be within a different price range, different location, have a different audience, etc. This will all be categorized and filtered on our site so that clients can easily find what they are looking for.

What type of clients are you trying to attract and how do you plan on achieving this?

We are attempting to attract all kinds of clients who need help with furthering their brand and raising themselves on Google search. We can do this in two ways. One would be to make cold calls to businesses and offer them our services. The second way would be to create advertisements so that people become aware of our company. Social media advertising is a wonderful tool, so Instagram may be a good option for us, as well as Facebook. With social media come influencers, who we plan on collaborating with. There are many Youtubers who are talking about how to advertise your own company and manage your online presence. We plan on working with such people who will speak about our company. I strongly believe in the power of YouTube, since it was crucial in playing a role in the advertising campaigns for my other business. Once we start gaining clients, word of mouth often plays a major role as well. Currently, we are located in a We Work office and have gained many clients due to this already. Everyone who we have spoken to has only been on board for the expansion of the site. Not one person claimed that this is not something that they would need. Everyone says the same thing, which is they are happy to be our clients once we launch.

Please explain more about the company’s long-term goals, meaning if you are trying to be an international platform or are you more interested in the local market?

We are very interested in the international market. The platform currently includes both English and Russian publications. The next language which we wish to include on the site is Spanish. This would include media from Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and other Spanish speaking countries. In the future, we also hope to feature sites from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, and so on. Since we are located in New York, we have no issue finding workers who speak multiple languages and can deal with international communications.

Speaking of long-term goals, where do you hope to see the company at the end of 2020?

For our long-term goals this year, we are mainly focused on getting traffic on the website and bringing in a large number of clients. Since the site will still be fairly new by the end of the year, we hope to correct and monitor any errors or bugs which may arise. By the end of 2020, we are still testing how well our platform is working with the feedback of our clients.

How does your business differ from PR agencies that exist today?

Here I would like to bring the example of Amazon. There are stores that only exist offline and then there is Amazon. For example, you can buy socks online at Amazon, or you can buy them in the store. The difference is you can buy them online from the comfort of your couch in a much quicker and comfortable process. There is no price difference, if anything you paid less since traditional stores mark up prices due to their expenses. Same concept applies here. We are doing everything online, while other PR companies are doing everything manually. They also not only charge you for the cost of the advertisement, but they also add on additional fees for their services. We don’t do that. However, we do have a number a client can call if they would like to go the traditional route and have a person handle their account. This would add on additional fees and slow down the process, but it is an option.

Do you think that the company will be more popular amongst companies, or amongst individuals?

I think that it will be popular amongst both companies and individuals. In recent years, people have strongly focused on strengthening their personal brand, as that is good for business. If a business has a well-known and reputable CEO, the business only benefits. We believe that politicians, businessmen, and even religious figures will absolutely use our platform for their personal brand.

Are you planning on expanding your company into the field of social media advertising?

Yes, absolutely. We plan on having a YouTube channel both in English and Russian, and then other languages as well. There we plan on discussing new media sites that join our platform, various recommendations for these sites, how to budget correctly, and more. We also will have an Instagram account, as well as Facebook. Social media is necessary for a company, as I mentioned before.

When can clients expect for the site to launch?

The site will launch in the spring of 2020. We are currently working hard to gather our media list and are focused on contacting all the possible websites. Our site is being done now as well, which is important for the platform to work.