Bloom Energy

Teneo represents Bloom Energy, which is teaming with Almo Corp, to refurbish and distribute unused and out-of-warranty ventilators to help states and hospitals fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

California Governor Gavin Newsom pitched the idea to Bloom founder/CEO KR Sridhar and then shipped the San Jose-based Bloom 24 unused ventilators.

Bloom engineers, which design energy systems for utilities, manufacturing plants and data centers, refurbished the lot in a day.

The company, which believes it could refurbish 1,000 ventilators a week, plans to work on the machines at its plants in California and Delaware and then ship them via Almo's national logistics network.

Philadelphia-based Almo runs eight warehouses across the US that handle appliances, furniture, AV equipment and housewares.

Teneo's Ann Sommerlath represents Bloom, while Almo relies on Traci Schaefer, who runs TLS Communications.