Secure Democracy, a D.C. group committed to safeguarding every citizen's right to vote, has hired Trump-connected Ballard Partners to educate policymakers on the need to create a voting system that works for all Americans.

Secure Democracy

The organization contends that voting should not be needlessly difficult for working families, military families, homebound seniors, students, and families that live in rural areas.

It has been running ads on Fox News, CNN and MSBC against Republican "reform bills" that seek to tighten voting eligibility requirements in the name of countering fraud.

President Trump last month attacked Democratic proposals such as vote-by-mail, same-day registration and early voting as "crazy" measures that if enacted "you'd never have a Republican elected in this country again."

Democrats have long accused Republicans of voter suppression efforts to keep minority groups, immigrants and young people from turning out to vote.

Brian Ballard, who ran the Trump Victory fundraising organization in Florida, handles the Secure Democracy account with Rebecca Benn, aide to the late Republican Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi.