Jefferson Waterman International is working a $360K one-year political consulting contract with Qatar to help it woo influencers and movers & shakers in Washington.

Representing the public diplomacy office in Qatar's DC embassy, JWI is to meet and then introduce influential and knowledgeable persons to Qatar officials while identifying and analyzing issues of importance.

JWI is the firm of Charles Waterman, a veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency. He served as vice-chairman of the National Intelligence Council and National Intelligence Officer for the Middle East, where he was posted in Kuwait, Cairo, Beirut, Amman and Jeddah.

Since 2017, Qatar has faced an economic and political blockade from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan for its alleged cozy ties with Iran and support for terrorist groups.

JWI's contract precludes it from advising, representing and receiving compensation from any sovereign state in the Middle East/Northern Africa region for a year after wrapping up its business with Qatar.