A coalition of business leaders, politicos, actors, musicians and sports figures has launched the All Americans Movement to support marginalized communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and to counter racist attacks against Asian-Americans held responsible for the "China Virus."

The group notes that African-American and Latinx communities suffer more fatalities from COVID-19 than other groups. E.g., African-Americans represent 72 percent of COVID-19 deaths in Chicago, while businesses owned by Asian-Americans have been vandalized.

The All Americans Movement will market #AllAmericans-inspired products to fund medical relief and economic stimulus programs in hard-hit communities.

The group has launched allamericans.us as a clearinghouse for ways the public can help minority groups in the battle against COVID-19. It also has a PSA at https://bit.ly/WeAreAllAmerican.

Members of the coalition include former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang; Senators Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar; rapper Fat Joe; former New York Giant Michael Strahan, Seattle Storm's Sue Bird and US Women's Soccer's Megan Rapinoe; comedians Dave Chappelle and Sarah Silverman; actors George Takei, Alyssa Milano and Olivia Munn; Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and entrepreneur Mark Cuban; and journalists Lisa Ling and Arianna Huffington.