Trump Coin

President Trump's bizarre COVID-19 daily briefings, in which he touted quack cures for the virus and ridiculed science, damaged his approval ratings.

The president though does have a core of rock solid supporters, a segment that apparently is the target audience of the White House Gift Shop.

Established by president Truman in 1946 and the uniformed division of the US Secret Service to support law enforcement, the WHGS is memorializing Trump and the White House COVID-19 Task Force for the fight against the "unseen enemy" with a commemorative coin.

Other side of

One side of the coin features the flag flanked empty White House presidential podium with the names of Trump, VP Pence, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Drs. Jerome Adams, Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx. The reverse side praises the every day heroes and citizens who did their part fighting coronavirus.

The coins, which will begin shipping June 15, can be pre-ordered for the discounted price of $100, compared to the $125 ticket price.

The WHGS does have a following. It boasts 96K "likes" on Facebook.

Let's hope some of the money raised by the Trump COVID-19 coins go to the families of the 66K American victims of the virus.

Trump's scapegoating of China to cover up his failure to take swift action against COVID-19 appears to be paying dividends.

A plurality of Americans (42 percent) blame China's government for the more than 65K US coronavirus deaths, according to an APCO Worldwide survey.

Only about a third (32 percent) blame Trump for his two-month delay in moving against COVID-19, while 20 percent of respondents say nobody is to blame.

Nearly half of Americans (48 percent) view China as "an enemy of the US," while 46 percent are not confident in manufacturers that produce essential goods in China.

Trump's "America First" policy also is taking root, thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, as two-thirds of respondents say the disease will torpedo US relations with China and Russia over the next three years. More than four-in-ten Americans expect the pandemic will trigger mistrust of key American allies in Europe and Asia.

Trump's dream has come true. He is succeeding in walling America off from the rest of the world.