The Embassy of Qatar trimmed Ballard Partners monthly fee from $115K to $50K effective May 1.

The Trump-connected firm is working to better US-Qatari relations and on political, legislative and regional developments in Qatar.

Qatar initially signed Ballard Partners to a one-year contract on June 28, 2018, at $50K per month. That fee was upped to $115K last year.

The current amended pact runs through December 31.

Qatar was the biggest foreign spender at Ballard Partners during the six-month period ended Oct. 31, 2019. It contributed $660K of the total $2.1M fees.

Qatar topped outlays from Zimbabwe, Kosovo, Dominican Republic and Turkey's Halbank, which cut ties with the Ballard Partners on Oct. 16, 2019, after spending $455K during the period.

Brian Ballard is finance chair of the Florida unit of Trump Victory organization.