US Foods

Glover Park Group is helping US Foods, a top foodservice distributor to more than 300,000 restaurants and institutions, as the country begins to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The New York Stock Exchange-listed company released its "Restaurant Reopening Blueprint" today to provide operators a how-to for putting key COVID-19 guidelines into practice as they open for business.

In preparing the Blueprint, US Foods conducted interviews with restaurant owners in China to understand what lessons might be applicable for American restaurants.

The Blueprint covers regulatory requirements, principles for planning an effective reopening, best practices for approaching front-of-house and back-of-house operations, and specific solutions for other foodservice formats such as cafeterias, quick-service restaurants, fast-casual restaurants, food courts, and bars and lounges.

Jim Osborne, senior VP of customer strategy and innovation at US Foods called the Blueprint "an invaluable resource for helping operators make sense of the new business practices and applying them in a way that will enhance diner confidence and support the successful ramp-up of their reopening efforts.”

Glover Park has more than 10 staffers on the US Foods business.

They include managing directors Joel Johnson (President Clinton's senior advisor for policy & communications), Susan Brophy (Clinton's legislative advisor and senior VP for global policy at Time Warner) Grant Leslie (senior advisor to ex-Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack), and Randy DeValk (deputy chief of staff for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid).