Despite trade tensions with the US, Chinese companies consider America their No. 1 growth market, according to a survey by Brunswick Group.

There's room for growth, as Brunswick reports that 128 countries do more business with China than the US does.

Thirty-nine percent of Chinese business leaders said the US is their top overseas growth target, up four percent from a 2018 study.

At 45 percent, the US ranks near the bottom in the developed nations polled by Brunswick, only topping Canada (44 percent) and Japan (41 percent). They may face an uphill battle in their bid to crack the US market as their country's favorability rating lags here

Germany (64 percent), France/Singapore (61 percent), Czech Republic (60 percent) and UK (55 percent) have the most positive opinions about China.

Overall, China enjoys a much stronger favorability score (84 percent) in emerging nations than the average 53 percent score in developed countries.

Brunswick found that developed countries agree that China will surpass the US as the world's leading technological and economic power during the 2020s.

Currently, the US holds a 40 percent to 37 percent edge over China in the technology sector. Those numbers will flip to 43 percent to 31 percent in China's favor.

The US today tops China (51 percent to 35 percent) on the economic front. It will trail 47 percent to 30 percent with the dawn of what Brunswick calls "The China Century."